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Help Support the Ultimate Peace US Summer Camp

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$7,308 towards $50,000

Our first Ultimate Peace 2023 US Summer Camp was a huge success. Campers discovered a new part of themselves over the week, as athletes, friends, teammates, opponents, and community members. They found and saw one another, on and off the field. They got to co-create and be on a supportive, caring, transformative team. They experienced the kind of peace, belonging, and connection we all long for in community. And they did this all while playing the beautiful game of Ultimate, the sport and culture that unifies us all.

We provided full or partial scholarships to over 2/3 of our population, to ensure that we were able to attract campers from all walks of life. To continue this, we need your support.

Need to contact us, or want to donate via check? Email info@ultimatepeace.org, or send mail to 74 Eastwood Drive, Deerfield, IL 60015