Uniting and Igniting Divided Youth Through the Sport of Ultimate image

Uniting and Igniting Divided Youth Through the Sport of Ultimate

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How your donation helps

Over the past decade, Ultimate Peace has developed and implemented a groundbreaking program serving over 300-500 youth in the Middle East each year. Self-identified Arabs, Jews, and Palestinians socialize, compete, participate in shared leadership training, and gather in each other’s communities. At overnight summer camp, hundreds of teens live side-by-side and play Ultimate on the same teams. Playing a sport without referees teaches them to resolve differences on the field and strengthen relationships when competition is over. Against all odds, UP participants have become an unlikely and tight-knit community through the years.

We have learned some tough but profound lessons in the Middle East. Bringing divided cultures together through the sport and culture of ultimate has been a journey of risk, triumph, discovery, heartbreak, ands miracles.

In 2022, Ultimate Peace decided to create a US camp in an attempt to address our own divisions and bring those lessons home. At a time when division and misunderstanding escalate each day, the moment seemed right. We decided to bring youth from all over North America to our first camp, inviting in multiple dimensions of diversity: geographic, socioeconomic, religious, racial, gender, and more. The result? Magic.

Need to contact us, or want to donate via check? Email info@ultimatepeace.org, or send mail to 74 Eastwood Drive, Deerfield, IL 60015